Sri Lanka Food Festival in Karachi showcases island nation’s rich culinary heritage
The Sri Lanka Consulate General in Karachi in collaboration with the Marriot Hotel and Quality Event Pvt. Ltd. organized a Sri Lanka Food Festival at the Marriot Hotel in Karachi from 09th to 10th September 2023.
The Food Festival showcased authentic Sri Lankan food and Ceylon tea.
It was a significant event that aimed to showcase the rich culinary heritage of Sri Lanka.
The festival attracted approximately 150 invited guests, including the Hon. Minister of Home Affairs of the Sindh Province in Pakistan, Haris Nawaz who attended as the chief guest.
The Food Festival was organized as part of a series of activities commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
The event featured captivating performances by Chandana Wickramasinghe & the Dancers Guild, as well as Sri Lankan singer Sonal Prabashitha. These performances added a cultural and artistic dimension to the celebration, offering guests a taste of Sri Lanka’s vibrant arts scene.
The event received extensive publicity from major media outlets in Pakistan, underscoring its significance and reach.
Sri Lanka Consulate General in Karachi