A Sri Lankan citizen by descent or by registration can apply for a Sri Lankan Passport. Ordinary passports are valid for 10 years at the time of first issue. On the expiry of 10 years from the date of issue, or if there are no pages for visa endorsement, a new passport should be obtained.

  1. Duly filled Application – [Download Application Form]
  2. Three recent Photographs of the applicant taken within three (3) months physically appearing at a studio (Colour Photograph with White Background. Size : 3.5cm x 4.5cm )
  3. Your Current Original Pssport.
  4. Copies of the Original Passport:
    • A photocopy of the Data Page of the current Passport (Page No. 2 & 3).
    • A photocopy of the Observation and Alteration page of the current Passport (Page No. 4 & 5).
    • A photocopy of the UAE visa endorsement page.
  5. Your original National Identity Card and a photo copy of the same.
  6. Your original Birth Certificate and a photo copy of it.
  7. If the originals of 5 & 6 above are not with you please submit photocopies of same.
  8. Three (03) new colored photographs without spectacles in white background. Ears, forehead and shape of the face should be clearly visible. Please be noted that the photographs that were taken with spectacles and vermilion dots on forehead will not be accepted.
  9. The photographs should have been taken within three (03) months prior to the date of the application and the photographs submitted for visa should not be submitted even if they were taken within three months (03) months prior to the date of application.
  10. If you intend to alter your profession or include a new profession in your new passport, please be mindful to submit all the documents of Educational, Higher Educational and Professional qualifications to prove the new profession. Please note that the profession which was mentioned in your visa is not sufficient to prove your profession for the new Passport.
  11. Please also be noted that your residential address in UAE and your mobile telephone number in UAE requested as per no. 7 and no. 14 respectively in the application form should be mentioned and filled correctly and clearly.
  12. The new passport will be issued within 40 to 60 days after direction of the duly submitted applications to the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka. However, kindly note that the Department of Immigration and Emigration has the discretion to consider certain criteria (which include discrepancies of the photographs, the NIC number submitted are and etc.) prior to issuance of a travel document and hence the time taken for the receipt of your travel document is subject to vary.
  • Passport for All the Countries – AED 580.

Note that now you can do the payments in Cash or Credit/Debit Cards

Please note that the applicant should be presented to submit the application

08 to 10 Weeks

  1. Application should be filled preferably in BLOCK letters
  2. Three photographs should be furnished as specified in the application. Please ensure that the signatures are confined to the cages provided immediately below the photographs.
  3. The photograph should be clear, good quality, fresh (current picture) , without spectacles or ‘mottus’ and with open ears and forehead.
  4. The application and original documents should be submitted along with photocopies.
You can submit the application to the consular division of the Consulate General by hand. The Consular Division is open from Monday to Friday (8.30 am to 1.00 pm).