The Colombo International Tea Convention 2024 is a significant event for tea enthusiasts, professionals, and industry stakeholders. Here are the key details:

  • When: July 24 to 26, 2024
  • Where: Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka


  1. Theme: The convention’s theme is “Tea, a Lifestyle & a Livelihood.”
  2. Participants: Over 700 delegates from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia are expected to attend.
  3. Purpose: The convention aims to bring together tea lovers, retailers, buyers, exporters, manufacturers, tea experts, and professionals. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas, opinions, and experiences related to the tea trade.
  4. Focus Areas:
    • Scientific Land Utilization: Previous editions focused on scientific land utilization, planning, threats, administrative expenses, and employment in the tea industry of Sri Lanka.
    • ITC Working Sessions: The convention will coincide with the ITC Working Sessions.
    1. Sessions and Workshops: The convention will feature various sessions, workshops, and panel discussions covering tea production, sustainability, marketing, and innovations in the industry. Experts and thought leaders will share their insights and experiences.
    2. Networking Opportunities: Attendees will have ample opportunities to network with fellow tea professionals, explore business collaborations, and build valuable connections. Whether you’re a tea grower, exporter, or enthusiast, this event provides a platform to engage with like-minded individuals.
    3. Exhibition: The convention will host an exhibition showcasing the latest tea products, machinery, and technologies. Visitors can explore stalls, sample teas, and learn about the latest trends in the tea market.
    4. Cultural Showcases: Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage will be celebrated through traditional performances, music, and dance. Participants can immerse themselves in the local culture and experience the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality.
    5. Tea Tasting Sessions: No tea convention would be complete without tasting sessions! Attendees can savor a variety of teas, from classic Ceylon to specialty blends.

    Remember, this event is not only about business; it’s also a celebration of tea—a beverage that has shaped cultures, economies, and lifestyles for centuries. 🍵✨

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